Why People Go Online?

What  Are The Reasons Why You Go Online?

Which of the following category do you belong why you go online? Share your thought and write in the comment box below the reason behind why you go online.



1. Pass Time

2. Be Entertained

3. Escape



1. To Connect

2. Share

3. Discuss

4. To be part of the community


1. To Educate my self

2. Research

3. To keep informed


1. Work

2. Manage Finances

3. Sell


1. Opine

2. Entertain Others

3. Emote

4. Be Creative


1. Purchase

2. Compare


1. Influence Others

2. Activate Support

3. Join a cause

( don’t forget to leave your thought why you go online in the comment box)

The survey below was quoted from Daren Rowse one of the brightest bloggers. This was supported by a research survey index from RF INTENT INDEX to determine why people go online?

Overall they classify people’s reasons for going online into 7 broad categories:

  • Learn
  • Have Fun
  • Socialize
  • Express Yourself
  • Advocate
  • Do Business
  • Shop

Interestingly the order they’re listed above is the order from highest to lowest that they found people go online for.

Within the categories ‘pass time’ was the most responded to result with 100% of people saying that they go online for this reason.

You can also look at the results based on gender and age. For example

  • Men go online to do business, be informed of news and be entertained more than women
  • Women are more likely to go online to socialize and express themselves than men)
  • Youth go online more for socializing, advocating and self-expression than seniors
  • Both Youth and Seniors are going online to have fun

Other highly rated areas (80% of responses or more) included:

  • Educate Self (96%)
  • Connect with Others (92%)
  • Research (89%)
  • Share (86%)
  • Be Entertained (82%)

If you belong to people use online to make money and maximize the online world then it is a smart way to earn income. Or some are looking for services like pest control, plumbing or handyman services. Or if you are going online just have fun then make the use of it to enjoy life.

No matter what is your purpose going online the important thing is you maximize the use of it’s an online contribution to your life. (Jo Arcaya)




Minimalist Living – Simplifying Your Life

The Joy of Simplifying Your Life with Minimalism and Inner Simplicity – Minimalist Living and Minimalist Budget

Has life been feeling cluttered lately? Does everything seem overwhelming and too much to handle? Are you tired of having a lot of debt pile up that never seems to end?

For some, minimalism might be a radical idea. Others might find this is the solution for which they’ve been eagerly waiting. No matter how you might initially feel about minimalism, listening to this audiobook will provide answers on how to better live your life.

The power of minimalism spans all areas of life!

Each person is going to find that creating a minimalism budget is going to be a unique experience for them. This guide will discuss all the things you need to know to get started with this kind of budgeting method.

By listening to Minimalist Living, you will learn:

Minimalist Living: 2 in 1: The Joy of Simplifying Your Life with Minimalism and Inner Simplicity - Includes Minimalist Living and Minimalist Budget (Declutter Your Life, Book 6): Mary Connor

  • How to start living a more minimal lifestyle
  • Essential rules for living with less
  • Important ways minimalism can help create stronger relationships
  • Fifty tips to help you say good-bye to your things
  • How decisions are made in our minds and how to be aware of this for better budgeting decisions
  • The top budgeting methods that bring real results
  • Painless tips to help you reduce your spending even more so you can put more money into your savings account
  • And much more

You might have heard of the concept of minimalism before, but there are many misconceptions about what is actually involved. The basic idea behind minimalism is the stripping down of the essential aspects of one’s life in order to put more emphasis on what is important and less weight on the materialist things in life.

In addition, minimalism budgeting is a great way to really take a look at your finances and ensure that you actually spend your money on things that are important to you instead of wasting it on things that bring you no joy.

Living minimally will introduce you to the life you have always dreamed of but in a way, you have never seen before.

By: Mary Connor

Donate To Knights of Columbus 8870

Knights of Columbus 8870 is launching a podcast intended for all the fraternal brothers all around the world. This podcast is the content from Columbia Magazine. The Knights of Columbus 8870 sponsor just to read all the content of magazine for those brothers that don’t have time to read the Knights monthly magazine. This project was done by 8870 to make sure all the magazine content was delivered in audio form in a way to maximize spreading the message and help the supreme deliver the message from Columbia.

EPISODE 1 – February 2019



21 year old Filipino factory worker wins $60 million in Canada

Filipino factory worker wins $60 million in Canada

Filipinos among 9 winners in $60 million Lotto Max jackpot in Canada

A group of nine factory workers in Guelph, Ontario hit the jackpot in a big way.

Nine employees of Linamar Corporation put their money together to play Lotto Max, a Canadian lottery game coordinated by the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation.

Lotto Max started in 2009, and you can get a ticket for just $5.00. If you want to play Encore, throw in another $1.00. Lotto Max is drawn every Friday.

In Lotto Max, you can play seven numbers (from 1 to 49). The jackpot starts at $10 million and goes up to a maximum of $60 million.

Once the jackpot reaches $50 million, additional draws are held for MaxMillions, with $1 million dollar prizes each.

Starting May 2019, Lotto Max will be drawn twice a week, with an increased jackpot amount.

The nine workers, including three Filipinos, were just playing for two months when they hit the big jackpot.

“I couldn’t believe it, “ Fernando Meneses said during the press conference in Toronto on Thursday, January 10.

Other winners included new immigrants from the Middle East and Africa.

When asked what they would do with their newfound wealth, the workers said that they plan to buy new houses and cars and of course, go on vacation.

21 year old Ella Nicole Cabrera plans to buy a house and take care of her parents. “They couldn’t believe it, they were crying and thanking me.”

The Lotto Max ticket was purchased at a convenience store in Guelph, Ontario.

Congratulations to the big winners!


The Secret Of Winning The Lottery

The Secret Of Winning Lottery Revealed

This story I was quoted from a Clickbank source of the secret of winning the lottery. The story below was just copied and paste here from the owner of the Auto Lotto Processor.
The owner of this lottery processor has won 7 times using his own lottery processor and some testament from other people who use his system.

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Where & How To Find Home based Job

Home Based Job Wanted

Home Based Job Wanted

The workforce these days are changing. Many companies around the world are hiring through the home-based workforce by using the online world.

The home-base job is an advantage for both the company hiring and the hired. The company saved money for paying cheaper labor, less the electricity and computer for the workers, the freedom of the worker to be with the family while earning especially to single parents, and the worker saved money from the commute.

In order to get hired online what you need to have is your skills to do the job, computer, and fast internet connection.

The home-base job is ideal for people who like to stay home and earn and dreaming for financial freedom.

There are many ways of working at home online, you can be a freelancer or hired by a company and you work from home.

Jobs like writing online and get paid, home-based call center agent, affiliates program by promoting a product online and get paid by commission, use your smartphone or invest a camera to take pictures and submit photos online and get paid, or write a slogan and sell your slogan on the internet etc.

The question is where are you going to find this legit online jobs.   Some website gathered the companies that are hiring online and in order to get an online job is you need to register and you will access their data from companies that are looking to hire for online work.

If you don’t know what to do to get online work from home. Think first of what you can offer via online. You can also get some online training first if you don’t have the skills. You can learn the demanded skills as fast as 10 days.

Here is some list of work from home jobs that you can do for part time or full time.

  1. Digital Marketing – Digital marketing is one of the highest paying jobs online and you can get training via online for this job.
  2. Learn to become a writer – writing content or stories and get paid for $225 to $2,000 per article base on how many words you can make in every story and find the right company to hire you. You can find jobs at “Legit Jobs Online“, this portal collected data of companies that are hiring only jobs.
  3. Data Entry Jobs online – If you are searching for companies that are hiring for data entry jobs you can the website of “Data Entry Direct“. It is a one-stop shop of data of companies that are looking to hire for data entry jobs via online.
  4. Virtual Call Center Jobs – The demand for these jobs these days are very high. Companies from US, Canada, Australia are outsourcing call center agents who can work remotely from home.
  5.  Transcriptionist online – Home transcription jobs tend to be geared toward those with at least some experience. Typically, it takes some prior work as a transcriptionist to snag higher-paying gigs. Areas of expertise include a corporate, financial, legal, and medical transcription.
  6.  Home-based Travel Agent – If you dream to travel but you can’t afford it yet, then start learning how to become a home-based travel agent.
  7.  Teach or Tutor Online Jobs – The online education jobs now available span a wide range of qualifications in candidates—everything from highly experienced teachers with master’s degrees and teaching certificates to college students with a knack for tutoring.



How To Lose Weight In Different Ways

How To Lose Weight Faster, Effective & Safer

There are many ways of how to lose your weight and become sexy again. It can be in a hard way or in an easy way. These tips are base on science studies, and tested diet program that was already proven by the experts.

TIPS on How To Lose Weight Effectively

1. Drink Water Before You Eat 

Drink one glass of water 30 minutes before a meal will you eat lesser especially if you are rice eater.

Studies have shown that drinking water before meals can result in consuming fewer calories at those meals, which can ultimately lead to weight loss. It doesn’t hurt that choosing water as your drink of choice instead of an empty-calorie beverage can save more than 100 calories per glass.

Drinking water before a meal also helps digestion. Remember not to drink too soon before or after a meal as the water will dilute the digestive juices. Drink water an hour after the meal to allow the body to absorb the nutrients.

This method is only one of many ways help you lose weight by diet.  I have attached a link here that will help you how to lose weight with to weeks program.

These slimming program will help you lose weight in 2 weeks. Click Here. 


If you love smoothies, this is the best way to lose weight by following smoothie recipe.

Delicious, Easy-To-Make Smoothies For Rapid Weight Loss also helps Increased Energy, & Incredible Health!

The secret that makes the Smoothie Diet so effective is the Custom 3-Week Weight Loss Schedule. All the smoothies are given in a very specific sequence and frequency to maximize your results. For example, the nutrient and ingredient ratios vary week to week to make sure the weight keeps coming off and stays off.

This program will have to do is replace certain meals with the smoothie recipes provided in this program and then watch as the pounds melt effortlessly off your body and your energy levels skyrocket.

For more info about the smoothie recipe please CLICK HERE.


Following this workout plan will help you burn some fats while building muscles in arms, abs, back legs and butt.

For those who are really obsessed, keep always in mind that it is better to consult your doctor first before doing any harsh physical exercise and make sure you don’t get a heart attack when you are in the gym. Follow the program little by little or you can take a safe slimming product that will help the process faster.


There are hundreds of slimming product out there in the market today. But it would sound scary for some product that is not approved by the Bureau of Food & Drugs Authority in any country.

It is very important to know when choosing a slimming product that it is approved by the experts and already proven by many end users.

These are some product recommendations that help you lose weight fast, safe and effective.

THE RED TEA DETOX –  This red tea is an ancient powerful tea from Africa. Following are some of the end users of this tea.

The picture below is Liz, she owns the product and discovered the ancient tea recipe herself and help many people based on her own product and experience.



Geri is one of the users of this product which she lose 17 pounds in just 3 weeks.

No matter what lose weight program or method you use its always a matter of choice. It can be a combination of diet and physical exercise program. Some people who are too busy they chose to take the slimming product for fast track and follow by exercise as maintenance when they already losing weight.

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Russia ends arms treaty after U.S. pulls out

A key international nuclear agreement between the U.S. and Russia has collapsed, raising the possibility there could be a repeat of a cold war showdown

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia has suspended the Cold War-era Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty, President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday, after the United States announced it would withdraw from the arms control pact, accusing Moscow of violations.

Moscow’s relations with the West are strained over issues including Russia’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine, allegations of meddling in the U.S. presidential election and being behind a nerve agent attack in Britain.

The United States announced on Friday it will withdraw from the INF treaty in six months unless Moscow ends what it says are violations of the 1987 pact.

It would reconsider its withdrawal if Russia came into compliance with the agreement, which bans both nations from stationing short- and intermediate-range land-based missiles in Europe. Russia denies violating the treaty.

On Saturday, Washington said it had formally notified Russia and other treaty parties of the United States’ intent and suspended its obligations under the INF.

“The American partners have declared that they suspend their participation in the deal, we suspend it as well,” Putin said during a televised meeting with foreign and defense ministers.

Putin said Russia will start work on creating new missiles, including hypersonic ones, and told ministers not to initiate disarmament talks with Washington, accusing the United States of being slow to respond to such moves.

“We have repeatedly, during a number of years, and constantly raised a question about substantiative talks on the disarmament issue,” Putin said. “We see that in the past few years the partners have not supported our initiatives.”

The row over the treaty has drawn a strong reaction from Europe and China.

European nations fear the treaty’s collapse could lead to a new arms race with possibly a new generation of U.S. nuclear missiles stationed on the continent.


During the meeting with Putin, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the United States of violating the INF and other arms deals, including the non-proliferation treaty.

Putin said Russia would not deploy its weapons in Europe and other regions unless the United States did so.

The U.S. State Department said in a statement on Saturday that the United States could not be restricted by the treaty while Russia violated it.

“The United States has concluded that extraordinary events related to the subject matter of the Treaty arising from Russia’s continued noncompliance have jeopardized the United States’ supreme interests,” the statement said.


Albertans Can Now See Their Own Medical History Via Online

The new portal to access your health history will be launch this coming week.

 This MyHealth Record portal is now in its final consultation process by the health care professionals before launching it this coming week.

This portal can be used on computers, smartphones, and tablets. What you only need to do is register in the portal with you Alberta health information in order to access your record online.

“According to a web page for health-care professionals, patients will be able to view some lab tests — including results for cholesterol, iron, kidney and liver function — immunization records and their medication history. Lab results are expected to come with links to information about the tests and the results.”

Dr. Ted Jablonski, a Calgary-based family physician, says the new health information portal will help people with a medical diagnosis better manage their care and could reduce the number of patients calling in to his office for lab test results.

“I think it’ll be a very positive thing for patients,” said Dr. Jablonski,

“A patient now can look at their own personal data and not have to phone a clinic or get something faxed [or emailed]… Everything takes a lot of time…This is so efficient and so advanced.”

Jablonski says the portal — which will also let patients upload and track information from health devices such as glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, and fitness trackers — will be particularly helpful for people who have a diagnosed health condition and want to stay on top of it.

Dr. Eddy Lang head of emergency medicine in Calgary says, in 2019, the more patients know and understand about their health the better. He believes patients will play a more active role in decisions about their medical care if they review medical information ahead of appointments.

Quoted from the CBC portal “The University of Calgary Prof. Tom Keenan says giving Albertans access to some of their personal health information is an inevitable move. He says time will tell if there are any security concerns.

With so many Albertans generating personal health information through devices such as fitness trackers, Keenan sees it as an inevitable development.

“I’m all in favor of a good old Canadian government saying, ‘We’ll provide a repository for this instead of you sending your data down to Google, because who knows, their site could get hacked, too’. So, as long as they do it right, I think it’s a great idea.”

“The question is, of course, is it going to be well protected? And time will tell,” he said.

According to the information provided to doctors and other health-care providers, Albertans will have to sign up to use the portal and information will be protected with user authentication and data encryption. It’s also supposed to be tested regularly by third-party security auditors.

So far, Keenan likes what he sees.”